Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meme: 5 Day Art Challenge (Day 2)

For the second day of this art challenge meme, I thought I’d feature my first webcomic, A.illusions. I never got to finish the series, because I never knew the world of hacking is so complicated! I basically ran with the idea, and found there were a ton of loopholes in the original script, so… I’m stuck! Unless someone is willing to help work out the technical details?

Eri-hime is an illustration I did for my characters page. There were so many characters that I had to think of poses for that I decided to draw the Durara Meme instead.

I Am Alice was a contest entry for when Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” film came out. I didn’t get to finish on time, but I thought it looked great anyway and decided to finish it.

Feline Sisters features automatons Eri and Naru, who are owned by brothers Shijirou and Soujiro. I thought it would be appropriate to give Eri cat ears, and this was also a contest entry in Deviant Art.

Act Two – Fourth Stage is the cover for the webcomic chapter of A.illusions. It was the beginning of the main plot, but again, technical issues made the script unrealistic.

I think Eri was unknowingly my most favorite character from the series. Hopefully, I can work on this again one day soon.


  1. I hope you can resume A.illusions someday!

    1. Thanks! Once I find a technical expert who can help smooth out the wrinkles, I'll be sure to continue it. ^_^