Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Meme: 5 Day Art Challenge (Day 3)

For the third day, I decided to choose a bunch of my OTPs (One True Pairs) from various fandoms. I apologize in advance if the pairings are strange and weird, but yeah, I guess I’m a little weird…

Kurama / Minamino Shuichi x Kitajima Maya (Yu Yu Hakusho) – Back in high school, I was upset how many people called Kurama “gay” and they weren’t even anime fans. I was happy to find out that canonically, Kurama once had a girl he liked! I’m forever defending that Kurama is straight despite having long hair and getting a girl’s voice in his Tagalog dubbing by mistake!

Hiiragi Keiichi x Kurumi Nui (Onegai My Melody) – After working for Sanrio, I got into “Onegai My Melody” for a time, and started shipping these two to the point of obsession. They were the reason I got into role-playing for a few years, and I got to meet a bunch of fantabulous people! Mallory will forever be my Hiiragi, that much I’m certain of.

Kuran Kaname x Kuran Yuuki (Vampire Knight) – I get it, I get it, they are practically grandfather x granddaughter, but heck, Kaname deserves some happiness after all the sacrifice he’s made. And Zero is too emotional for my tastes, so yeah… But I’m not getting into the VK fandom ever again since the fans are way too crazy in bashing one another.

Zero x Iris (Megaman X4) – Probably the first Megaman series I ever got into thanks to the anime cut scenes. It was the first time I ever saw a female robot in the franchise, and I loved using Zero and his close combat techniques better than Megaman. You have no idea how much my heart broke when I had to kill Iris…

Kurumi Nui x Agatsuma Soubi (Onegai My Melody x Loveless) – Ok, this is probably the weirdest pairing yet, seeing how Soubi is a pedo, but… pairing him with Kurumi seemed better than Ritsuka and, since Kurumi looks a lot like Ritsuka, I thought he’d consider it..?

Now I’m going to bury myself in paperwork so that I won’t feel too embarrassed, ok? See you tomorrow!

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