Monday, February 23, 2015

Meme: 5 Day Art Challenge (Day 1)

There’s a meme going around Facebook lately, and since I’m busy drawing manga pages, I thought this would make a great update here.

Nominated by: Jaden Kaiba and Bokimkatje Komiks
RULE: If an artist nominated you, you have to post at least 3 artworks per day for 5 consecutive days & nominate an artist each day.

Ok then, let’s start with some of the first uploads I ever made on the internet (aka the times when I had no knowledge of photoshop or wacom tablets):

Rurouni Culture Crash is my first illustration that was ever published in the local books. I drew this as a thank you to the people in Culture Crash for putting up with my questions for my thesis. They helped me out a lot as well in terms of illustrating manga. I still remember how Sir James told me to “play with the camera” when I draw my panels.

One Day, Isang Diwa was drawn for CFAD - Red Cross Youth’s activity where we invited CC’s artists to talk about manga in UST. There was a bit of a crowd, but our marketing was all screwed up at the time, and most of their fans found out too late. (We couldn’t help it… there was a lot of massive red tape to go through.)

Peace of Silence is my fan art contest entry at Canada’s Anime Evolution 2004. I won first prize at the traditional arts section, and they let me keep the original illustration too! They gave me a Sailor Moon pin as a prize, hehe!

More embarrassing illustrations coming up tomorrow! Watch out for it..? Maybe?

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