Sunday, February 12, 2012

Uta☆Pri: Private

It’s never flattering to see someone else upload your work somewhere and tell the world that they were the ones who drew it. Neither is it ok for others to upload fan art and say “I forgot where I got this, but I wanted to share it anyway! Yay!” when the artist’s signature and website are right there on the said artwork. (/>m<)/ ┻━┻ What is wrong with these kids?!

Unfortunately, it seems I need to put a huge watermark on my fan art from now on. I never thought something like this would happen to me, but I suppose it can happen to anyone. >.>;;; I’m really sorry, guys, please don’t hate me for this! ;_;

Anyway, this is like a mirror of Masato’s piece, although I never intended it to be that way. =o=;;; My sub-consciousness probably took over or something, but I’m really, really happy with how this turned out! The colors, mood, and lightning came out close to what I originally pictured in my head, but somehow? This is even better! >w<;;; And their clothes~ I hate drawing frills but wow, they can really set the outfit! Oh Ren~ ♥

Again before you read the “real” story, please do tell me what you thought of when you first saw this!

I thought about this scene after reading Ren’s route in Repeat. We know that the second season is coming out in August, so I was thinking that Haruka will probably end up with Tokiya, as he really is her idol and reason for wanting to write songs. Faced with that situation, I don’t think Ren will be able to take losing to Tokiya lightly. So I imagined that he would probably get Haruka alone at some point and confess. Naturally, Haruka would reject, so Ren in this scene would say:

“…alright, I’ll leave, if that’s what you want. But… I want you to look me in the eye… and say that you don’t love me.”

Kya~ Kya~ Kyaaa~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ >3<;;; Lol, I need to stop drawing these boys and start working on my own pieces, for goodness sake. ;v;

Advance Happy Birthday, Ren Jinguji~ :3


  1. That is honestly so very tempting right now, but maybe I need to cool my head off first before doing anything drastic. >.>;;;

  2. :o I'll go, wait though, did someone else say they made it?

  3. Pretty much... lawl, I'll leave them be though. Indirectly, I suppose it's good marketing. xD;;; Maybe his/her fans will find me one day. :3

  4. It makes me so GRRRR that someone took credit for your work! Did you demand that they take it down and apologize (or something)?

    As always, great job here! I love Haruka's dress and her expression....

  5. Well, I've reported it already. xD I haven't checked if it was taken down or not, but it should be fine. :)

    It's really ok for me for other to share my work, as long as they link me back and credit the pieces properly. =o=;;; Why is that so hard for people to do these days anyway?

    Ren: Well, my little lamb, if you don't want me, I might as well go to Misaki-chan then, hm~? ;)