Sunday, February 26, 2012

Karma: Chapter 2: End

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So this finally marks the ending of Karma: Chapter 2! Thanks so much for sticking around with me so long! o(^o^)o Did you like the ending?

When I asked the people who bought this issue, everyone seem to have understood the ending in their own way! Some say that the soul of Professor Azorite was taken by the demon to use as a trap for Aly. Others argued that the first Azorite was a demon, and the second one who appeared beside Shijirou was the real soul! Still others say that the first and second Azorite were really one and the same and that this was a test done by the Angels Rei, Tori, and Shijirou to see if Aly is "worthy"!

But I am bombarded with more questions as well. What was Azorite implying when he said Rei was "no mere angel"? Who is "he" that regards Aly as "most precious in his sight"? What did Shijirou mean by "far more important matters to attend to"?

And, perhaps most importantly, will we be seeing more?

Unfortunately, I can't answer any of these questions even though the chapter has ended! m(_ _)m I'm very sorry! But yes, I am working on Chapter 3, and I want to remake Chapter 1 as well. ♥ For now, I will leave you guys to find your own conclusions, which will hopefully be satisfactory enough until the next chapter is released! Feel free to send me more questions and conclusions though! I'd love to see what else everyone has come up with! >.<;;;

Thanks you for all of your support and patience! Now I can go... play. xD


  1. I really loved the end of chapter 2 can't wait to see more fun stuff. :)

  2. play.... YUM! ^w^

    I'm actually quite happy with this issue. And yes, I also was a bit confused, and made my own interpretation. XD BTW, this issue's cover was my reference for drawing you in "moonlight"... hehehe

    which reminds me, i still have to send you a pic of me with your comics... *totally forgot.. me do'ahou~* @___@

  3. Thanks~ ♥ that makes me very happy. :3

    Misaki: Send it when you can~ xD No one's really given me a photo of them with the book... it's usually with something else, LOL, like a rabbit. xD

    Off Topic: Ne... Hakuoki's... really depressing me. ;_; My heart feels broken somehow.