Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Girl Gamer Girlfriend: Romel

Hey, Romel! What’s with the pose? Hm? Stiff neck? It’s because you keep playing video games for long hours without breaks! Do you even study, eat, or sleep at all? It’s really bad for your health you know! Do you want me to tell Lean? xD

I couldn’t sleep last night, and I woke up pretty early a while ago. =_=;;; Since I’ve been meaning to draw this guy for a long time, I though I might as well practice some poses or something. But I got carried away this his hair! It’s not supposed to be that long but since I already colored, shaded, and highlighted it, I don’t want to erase it anymore! (/=o=)/ ┻━┻ Can we just say he forgot to get a haircut from too much gaming? =w=;;;

Why do I keep drawing PSPs anyway? =A=;;; Maybe I’m the one playing too much?

Made for the lovely and talented Enjelicious of Girl Gamer Girlfriend~ ♥ I think I may have ruined your logo, I’m sorry. xD Can you guys figure out what I wrote on Romel’s shirt? xD

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