Monday, February 6, 2012

A.I. no Trinity

From top to bottom, that would be Shijirou, Azorite, and Lain. You could say they’re the three kings of A.illusions… but that just gets me singing “We three kings of Orient are~ Bearing gifts we traverse-” xD;;; *ehem*

Even though I say three “kings”, they look more like… A priest, a magician, and a… chancellor? =A=;;;

I’ve always wanted to draw these three together, but I’m really skeptical about the colors of this piece. It feels too primary colors-ish. =_=;;; Individually, they look ok, but together? It just gets my head spinning. Maybe I should have skipped the blue coat and gave Lain a maroon one.

So, which prince would you like for Valentine’s Day? >:3

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