Friday, February 24, 2012

Karma: Chapter 2: Epilogue 5

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Two pages of webcomics, two days in a row? I must be getting sick or something! Well, actually, I have a cold right now, but that’s beside the point! >o<;;;

I’ve been thinking twice about posting the last two pages of Karma’s Epilogue, but I figured… why not? I had always been a webcomic artist first, and that’s what I’ll probably always be!

This is, by far, my most favorite page of the entire chapter. The funny thing is, the epilogue wasn’t really written this way in the original script. I remember penciling this page in the dinning room when I was pretty much exhausted from finishing page after page of Karma. I don’t think this was even supposed to be a page, but after the pencils were finished, I knew I couldn’t leave it out from the epilogue.
So I rewrote the ending. m(_ _)m

It makes me wonder if professional mangaka allow their stories to stem out this way, or if it’s just me. =A=;;; The dialogue wasn’t even finalized for this page until about a week before printing for Komikon 7!

Oh well, please enjoy the latest page! There is only one left to go! ♥


  1. No! You're perfectly normal and fine! You were sick before *crosses fingers*

  2. ...c-chotto matte! What do you mean that I was sick before? ._.;;; *confused*