Friday, February 17, 2012

A Little Thing Called Love~ ♥

My addiction to UtaPri has… quite possibly gone overboard. You’d know this when you see the latest fan art I received on my birthday. ♥

I quite literally flipped when I saw this on my facebook. xD I got “Kurohiko wa Maid-sama” first and was already jumping up and down when I read the description:

But this is just a teaser. Your gift is right here:

sdkfsdlgkjfdg Hijirikawa-sama!!! ;o; Oh my goodness~ xD I was so happy that I screamed, only to have my brother ask me, “What’s wrong? Is there a cockroach or something? @_@?”

Moonlight and Kurohiko wa Maid-sama drawn by Misaki-chan and colored by her one true love, Suoh. ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you, thank you, thank you, guys! Best birthday present ever! Now I need to print this and hang it on my wall of fame! ♥


  1. that would be so cool!!!hope you post a pic of this art hanging on your room's wall.(or wall of fame...did i get that right?^^;;)

  2. Haha, yes~ My Hall of Fame is the wall by my bed. xD;;; I need to find a frame for a few other pieces too, so it might take some time. @_@;;;

  3. Thank you for your many kind words! ^^

    This is actually a first of many things for me:
    *first birthday gift art
    *first collab artwork with suoh12
    *first digitally colored art
    *first time to be "featured" XD
    I'm not so confident with my drawings, and getting all these rabid thanks and praises from you, I guess, is a first for me too! ^^;

    And I must say I not only enjoyed making it, but I am so happy that you like it! ^^ Glad that I and Cholo somehow made your birthday a little more exciting. ^w^

  4. *is actually your rabid fangirl now* can't you tell? xD

    Did I mention I love the song "Moonlight"? >: This was long before I realized that Mamoru was singing this and thought, "man, this sounds like a good song for Tokiya... Better than Nanairo no Compass."

    WELL THEN~ \o\