Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Princess, an Angel, and a Demon…

Just a few things that are keeping me busy at the moment.

The one on the left is Kara from Phantasy Star III drawn in my style, specifically A.illusions style. I’m already inking her since Amy’s approved her already. I’m probably going to do some minor changes with the skirt and add a bit of background to the final piece. I really like how her dress came out… I just hope I can color this with just the right hues!

The ones on the right are Kilo’s original characters, Kazimier and Regalus; a demon comforting an angel who is of royal blood. I have to admit, the concept is unique, and the pose was challenging because Kazimier is supposed to be comforting Regalus while smirking at the sight of war outside the window (which I will draw later on). What I ended up with made me think it’s Sebastian Michaelis carrying a much younger Hiiragi Keiichi. Go figure… This is Kilo’s second commission from me, so I’m hoping this will get approved without much of a hitch.

Back to work for this starving artist… but who’s complaining? At least I have a bit of money for Christmas. ^_^

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