Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Unfinished Business

As most have probably guessed, Komikon has come and gone with no independent manga released from me.

All I can show in my defense is a messy drawing table with all of my pages properly inked:

a.illusions presents: karma; the second chapter - random inked pages

It was the tones and script that left the work undone.

I’m pretty disappointed since I was planning this since August. Unfortunately, September was very hard on me and my family… the only thing I’d like to share from that month is that I learned how to properly time IV drips, inject medicine through those drips, and adjust them if there’s a backflow. All of this and yet I’ve never studied medicine.

But as they say, “excuses, excuses!”

I’m still thinking about selling the indie in another convention… or perhaps submit it to local publishers.

For now though? I will be reviewing the pages again and see if I can improve on anything. Maybe stretch it to 24 pages this time…

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