Sunday, November 21, 2010

Never Let Me Fall

Just when I started to work on my webcomic, I get word from Richard that there might be a Comic Bazaar on December 4 by the same organizers of Komikon. Bitter sweet news, as I should have enough time to put together A.illusions: Karma; however, I will have to put A.illusions: Act Two: Fourth Stage on hold yet again.

C'est la vie~ For now, please accept this humble cover art from yours truly:

a.illusions - eri and shijirou

I have to admit, I didn't think making this underwater effect would be so easy. Alex’s tutorial is precise and easy to follow, although I modified his process a bit to better fit the illustration’s needs.

Let’s hope I can have enough free time to finalize the site and add new pages. Until then~!

I am aware that Josh Groban has a song "Never Let Go". Where do you suppose the inspiration for this piece came from? ♥

Happy Birthday, Nephew~ ;p You know who you are!