Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Gijinka #4: McDonald's "Ron"

I think Ron might just be my best gijinka yet. This came out better that I thought it could, even though I had to stop myself from continuously adjusting all the small things..!

You might notice that this one is slightly more than a half body portrait, because I wanted to show off his tummy (or lack thereof) a tiny bit... mm-hm~ I'm lovin' it~ (*q*;;')

Some facts about Ron:

  • also named "Ronald" but prefers to be called "Ron"
  • can eat all the burgers and fries he wants but never gains a pound
  • actually enjoys running a lot, which accounts for his strong metabolism
  • doesn't like his unruly hair, thus keeping it long enough to be tied into a half pony
  • wishes Kei would lighten up
  • thinks Joey is like an annoying little brother who won't stop following him
  • sometimes looks up to said annoying little brother
I was thinking about keeping his shirt white with red stripes like in my original design, but when I accidentally inverted the color of the white layer, I realized how good black looks when compared to white. It made the white version look like pajamas worn under an inexpensive suit!

Do you prefer the older version or this one? (^^*)

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