Monday, April 15, 2013

Summer Komikon 2013 Aftermath

I just realized that I never announced my Komikon plans here. I’m so sorry about that!

Studio 4 Eyes managed to secure a table in this year’s Summer Komikon 2013! It’s a huge step forward for us to finally have a space we can call our own! And we were also able to release the second volume of our manga anthology with colored covers!

I think colored indie covers really do catch people’s attentions, because even the reprint of volume one was sold out! Even my personal copies were sold at the end of the convention! But Taichou did promise to reprint! So congratulations Studio 4 Eyes! All those sleepless nights really paid off!

I’ll talk about the indies and manga that I bought in another post because I don’t want to turn this into a mini novel, but I was happy to have been able to grab both freebie posters from Komikon. They featured chibi Rei and our S4E logo/mascot Misachan so these will definitely be going into file!

Out of all the craziness though, I was very happy to see CT Lim and Otto Fong again! It’s funny how Otto mentioned my art style was “masculine” because a local publisher had said the exact same thing! Taichou gave me a confused look when I told her about it, since she doesn’t agree, but I do think it’s more shonen than shoujo.

Note to self: I should write about how I met them in this blog before I forget.

Too bad I couldn't sneak in to their talk on the Current Trends on Asian Comics. Not only was the room full beyond capacity, but I hadn’t had lunch yet and it was already 3pm! Ah well… the pains of being in a cool con to sell stuff!

Another highlight of the con was when Honey stopped by Jayron’s table to give me the original illustration of her Crystal Shadows Fanart. You have no idea how much I showed this off to anyone who cared to see and listen! The girl’s got a lot of talent, and I sincerely hope that she manages to release her own indie soon! She gave me a rough synopsis of her ideas, and it really does sound promising!

And for those who complain that I never show my face in these posts (what in the world? I cosplayed Erin, didn’t I? Doesn’t that count at all?)… Here is a shot of me in Jayron’s table, courtesy of Komikon organizer, Jon Zamar:

Kurohiko at Jayron's Table

…ahaha, ok, ok, I guess this doesn’t count! But I do like this photo quite a bit! Here’s a nice profile shot from Honey:

kurohiko at summer komikon 2013

Yes, I am an NCIS geek, and I will one day go to a convention wearing a style similar to Miss Abby Sciuto.

And why was I at Jayron’s table you ask? It’s because he had to run back and forth from Komikon to Ozine and from his indie table to their exhibitor’s table in the main hall! It was awesome though, because he sold a few S4E’s at Ozine too! Thanks again Jayron!

Overall, Komikon was a blast. Although the Indie Tiangge was still a part away from the main convention, but our sales were not too bad. I’m just happy that a lot of people seemed to have recognized me, and I’m thankful that I decided not to drop manga making for good.

I think I might need to reconsider cosplaying again in order to further boost some indie sales. Haha! Maybe after another 20 pounds or so!

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