Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Manga Reviews 04.16.13

It appears to be the in thing now-a-days to write about the manga you purchase, especially when it’s a independently published comic. So before I dive back into the corporate world, I guess I could tell you about the manga I bought last Summer Komikon 2013.

This is going to be more than a little long, so I’ll highlight each title that I review to make things easier for both the readers and the creators who are curious to see what I think~

Looking for a Better Girlfriend by Enjelicious is a nice spinoff from her main series, Looking for a Better Boyfriend. Here, we meet Theo, a short-tempered boy who actually wants to makes friends but always says the exact opposite of what he wants.

It’s a good start for new series, but I have to admit, I found it very hard to read. I’m not sure if it was the copy I got, but the paper is really thin and the ink was very light! The cover is easily smudged too, so I think I may need to wait for the webcomic version when I decide to re-read this series, but I do like how it’s going so far! The characters are all very interesting and I’m definitely going to watch out for more! Congrats on another successful debut, Enj!

D.Ice by Ray Magbanua starts off really well too! Our favorite blue detective’s history is finally revealed and he takes on his first case, a missing… cat?!

I’m glad this series is finally out, but I’ll admit, black ink printed on blue paper is so… painful to see. Maybe this is just me though, but the text on the articles were outlined in black too. I have weak eyes, probably… a sign of old age?! I would suggest some thick newsprint next time with some blue printed ink (risograph, probably?) to make it easier to read at a light cost and keep the blue theme! But please do choose the dark blue ink over the light blue one, ok? My eyes are killing me…

Nevertheless, text-heavy as it may be with a few grammar errors here and there, the artwork has improved significantly from the prologue! Congratulations on the indie debut, Ray! And thanks for featuring our cosplayers at Oh No! Manga! He even used the photo I took of him, Jeff, and Enj for his article~ Tee-hee~

Coin & Flour by Jayron is a very nice compilation of the first 3 chapters of the series. It’s great value for money too, since I only paid P100 for such a thick book printed in good quality paper! Things are really getting interesting in the C&F world, but I’m a little sad that some of the text was cut off at the sides of the pages. I hope the next chapter comes out soon, because I’m dying to find out how that love story ends!

As for Studio 4 Eyes Volume 2, congratulations to my teammates Misaki-taichou, Suoh12, and Bascioiii for making it on time for Summer Komikon 2013! Let’s all pat ourselves on the back, and while I can’t review my own work, I can review the rest~

I Han It for Love takes a completely unexpected turn. Since I’m in charge of layouting the pages to get them ready for print, I got to read the next chapter before anyone else.

And it was in the wee hours of the morning that I stopped, looked, and re-read what had happened to our beloved student council. I can’t really tell you anything without spoiling it, but it was definitely a shock to read! Suoh maintained the quality of the artwork beautifully, but I still can’t get over how the story turned out the way it did!

Confusing? Maybe, but now I want to bug the team to release Volume 3 in time for Indieket just to know what happens next!

Team Gemini sat this issue out, but Taichou managed to secure a guest comic, Valkyrie Crossing by Jackie. While paneling and artwork does need some improvements, the creepy little creatures do spark a bit of interest. I’m extremely picky about art styles, but I honestly do think that out of the 7 pages I’ve seen, the story may have a lot of potential too.

That’s it for now! I bought a few other books too, and I will try to review them as soon as I can! Have fun you guys!

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