Monday, April 9, 2012

WIP: Tears

work in progress 2012.04.09 - rei's tears

Here that other work in progress that I was talking about. I wanted to try my hand at drawing different emotions, and this is my interpretation of “sadness”.

Rei is almost always seen smiling. I think when the time comes that she is actually really sad or troubled about something, she would still keep smiling. The only way for her heart to cope would be to through her tears.

I’ve got the general idea for this faux screenshot, but not the whole picture. =.=;;; I think I have Rei’s expression, and the mood of a possible night sky, but I have no idea what else to add. I don’t mind adding another character or two somewhere, or maybe a more detailed background, or even falling petals, but I’m stumped!

Someone give me some inspiration please. ;_; Thank you!

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