Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Tears are words that the heart cannot express.

Thank you so much to Kittara, Princess, Tori, Carlo, Mike, Andoyman, Jeni, E-son, Melanie, Ilaw, Joanah, and Satty for giving me a bunch of ideas on how I was going to finish this piece! I’ve decided to jumble it all together and used a sunset to give a warm feeling that something is about to end~ ;_; I think it turned out well, but it somehow makes me very sad when I look at this… TAT;;;

I guess that would also mean that I achieved my goal of portraying the emotion of “sadness”. On to the next emotion! Which should I choose and for whom? @_@;;;


  1. Happy over the moon with using Tiffy~

    After your emotions try creating one for the 7 sins. =P

  2. WOOT! Congrats! : D
    It worked out really well, and good colors too! ^ ^

    Next emotion: Joy?

  3. Amazing! <3

    Off the wall cheerful with Tiffy, or complete and utter shock with Tori would be some fun ones to see next. :)

    I also agree with biscuit on the 7 sins ones after the emotion ones. :)

  4. Biscuit: S-seven deadly sins??? @_@;;; Omg, I dunno if I can do that. *is scared to draw "lust"* LOL ;_;

    Satty: Yes, yes, probably joy and happiness. @_@;;; This one makes me too ;A; so I need to counter it with something!

    Kittara: You really like Tori huh? :D I'm thinking of using Tori for anger. :3 Since I never see him angry, ever~ xD

  5. @Weiwei
    That would be nice. I mean Tori angry, Shij would the one with the utterly shocked expression. (That would be funny)
    And yes the seven deadly sins, it would be really be a challenge for you, if you're looking for one. Lust doesn't mean NSFW type, can make it sexy or hinting :P

  6. Wahaha~ Clueless? xD;;; I can imagine it now~ x3

    I feel like doing some fanservice though~ I might continue these emotions series after some ruffles. ♥

    Sexy... I can't even draw that, lol! @_@;;; B-but well... there is a sketchpad waiting to be filled, I might as well try it!