Monday, April 16, 2012

Enchanting Melody

When I was drawing this, I was trying to decide what subtitle I should use when Jay Chou’s “Enchanting Melody” popped into my head. Specifically, the falsetto refrain. xD

Ok, so I don’t use the piano keys to decide their fates, but I do use my pen and/or wacom to make my characters do whatever I want. >:3 And that makes Khyle the driver, Rei the head maid, Shijirou the Butler, Yukee the scary maid, and Tori the footman. \o/ Woohoo~ Now to get some real work done! xD

Inspired by Kuroshitsuji and Kaichou wa Maid-sama! ♥

I think I can open commissions soon… I’m running out of funds. TAT;;; Just 5 slots for now, then we'll see from there. :D

Oh, and thanks for letting me know the lightbox thing isn’t working! ._.a I have no idea why, but I’ll try to get it fixed as soon as I can! Sorry for the inconvenience! @o@;;;


  1. This picture has five characters, but I am so drawn to Khyle AND Tori, even though they are in the sides~ ^^;;;

    ... And what is this Jay Zhou song? *googles*

  2. xD Well, Khyle and Tori do a lot of fan service together. *COUGH* And it always turns Rei blue. xDDD

    I think it's entitled "Ecstasy" in Youtube. :3 It's a song inspired by the movie "Inception". xD He even has a line in the song that says "Don't worry, I'm not Leonardo (DiCaprio). I won't steal your secrets level by level." ;v; ♥