Tuesday, December 1, 2009


onegai my melody doujinshi: mote-mote by columbia kho and mallory haslage

An Introduction to Mote-Mote

Hiiragi Keiichi is Yumegaoka's youngest violin virtuoso who has everything anyone could ever dream of; looks, talent, fame, fortune... but there was something missing. Something that Yumeno Uta, seemed to always have.

"Mote-Mote", which literally means "Lady's Man", takes place some time during the first season of Onegai My Melody; after his party where he met a mysterious girl named Kurumi Nui. Like a Cinderella in black, who is she, and why did she have to leave him so suddenly? And why in the world can't he get the plain, girl-next-door, Yumeno-kun out of his mind? Was it because Uta was the dream partner of the one who stood between him and the musical piece no mortal has ever played or heard, or could this be love? But which girl will he choose in the end?

Based on role-play logs written by Columbia Kho and Mallory Haslage, who writes as Hiiragi Keiichi and Hiiragi Jun. Mote-Mote come about from boredom and artist block. The idea for the doujin came about on April of 2009 and the first illustration (which is now used for the cover) came out a month after.

This is the first doujinshi I've ever truly visualized in finished pages since the others are left in forgotten sketchbooks as well as a few notebooks. I needed a break from A.illusions and that's why I decided to go ahead with this as I adore the series very much.

Mote-Mote will ~hopefully~ be updated every 5th day of the month (that is, on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th)! Subscribe to my RSS feed, Blogger Follower, or Email news-listing found at the bottom of this site to make sure you won't miss a page!

I hope everyone enjoys this one shot doujin! Thank you so much to all my readers for all your support. I promise I will continue to work hard and bring out the next chapter of my original series soon... may it be A.illusions or, who knows? Maybe Karma will finally get its second chapter!

Be sure to watch out for Mote-Mote which premiers December 5, 2009!
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