Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Anpanic: Anko-chan!!

I forgot to update here again, silly me! (OwO;;*) Lots of things are suddenly happening all at the same time again, but I'm glad I was able to finish this in time for Anpanic's Drawing Contest!

Anpanic is a cute little online store that has been fulfilling my UtaPri (aka ITTOKI OTOYA FOREVER) needs for quite a while now... I had been planning to draw her mascot as a thank you to the Admin, but then, like I said, life happened, and I kept getting side tracked! (uwu;;) Also, the thing about drawing a new character is that I can never decide how to pose them, so I ended up overthinking and not doing anything at all!

The contest provided characteristics about Anko-chan, so that helped a lot! Plus, there's a backstory behind that wind chime, but that is secret between Admin and me~ (>w<;;*)

Anyhow, I hope I can win because, LOL, Admin is going to Shining Store in Japan, and I need extra pocket money for more Otoyans, ok? ♡~(=v=;;*) I have no shame!!!

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