Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Crystal Shadows Cosplay at GTMACCON 3 by Eleniel Mist and Novanjon Ignacio Novo

When I messaged Eleniel Mist asking if she wanted to cosplay Erin from Crystal Shadows at GTMACCON 3, I never imagined I’d be getting a second cosplayer, Novanjon Ignacio Novo to cosplay Jeremy.

You have absolutely no idea how happy this photo shoot made me! Not only did Novo make a wonderful Jeremy, but Fisher Mall had great location for us to do our shoot!

There was actually an unfortunate incident that happened that day, which was the reason why we didn’t stay at the con. Instead, we got to roam around Fisher Mall and take as many shots as we wanted.

This is one of my favorite shots of Eleniel as Erin. Not really sure what she was thinking about here, but I took several shots just to make sure I get this expression on film.

We went to Cold Layers, one of the places I scouted for the shoot. It was a good thing there weren’t a lot of people at the time, and the staff was really nice and friendly to let us do whatever we wanted~

This is one of my favorite shots of Novo! When I asked him to smile at first, he was really hesitant, but Eleniel is really a good friend of his, haha! And this is just so like Jeremy, ok? This photo is making me feel giddy too!

Erin is explaining to Jeremy what the heck it is I’m letting (forcing?) them eat. Cold Layers had exceptional smooth ice that make you think you’re eating ice cream, only it’s not really ice cream! It was a good thing they both liked it~ Otherwise, the “date” would have been a disaster!

Eleniel took her time eating her snow ice, and she told me that she preferred to it melt a little before eating it, the same way she does for ice cream. I wonder if I should add that to her character officially?

And this was a really nice surprise because WAAAH! Jeremy playing the violin is so in-character because this will actually happen in the future chapters of the manga! And this will make a lovely manga cover, don’t you think so? Maybe I should use it for the cover, ohohoho~

Eleniel is actually the real violin player between the two. In the manga, Erin is more of a pianist, but Jeremy actually-

Wait. I will stop there. That’s a bit of a spoiler, LOL!

More spoilers: If you ever wondered why Jeremy’s hair is shaggy in the flashbacks and smooth in the present, this is why. Erin taught him how to comb his hair. No really, the guy didn’t know what a comb was until they were in high school. LOL!

Overall it was a great day with lots of really amazing photos. Not bad for a point-and-shoot camera! I’m glad we got some really amazing photos even though it was on location! And thank you to my wonderful cosplayers, Eleniel Mist and Novanjon Ignacio Novo for bringing my characters to life!

And to thank Cold Layers, we’d like to leave this picture here:

Erin doesn’t like cute things, but she’ll make this exception. Just once.

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