Friday, July 6, 2012

Sword Update: The Blade

After burning my fingertips with hot glue, I was finally able to finish the blade part of Rei’s sword. ♥

work in progress 2012.07.05 - cardboard finished blade

It’s a bit broader than what I’d really like, but I I didn’t really make measurements when I was making this, so I guess I’ll chalk it up to experience. It’s become a lot heavier with all these layers or glue, paper, and board, so I’m a little worried…

I will probably never work with chip boards ever again. =_=;;; Illustration boards may be harder to work with, but the edges are smooth when you score it (cutting it halfway to fold it neatly). Plus, chip boards just don’t stay in place. You can’t see it in the photo, but the blade is a little twisted, making my OCD kick in.

work in progress 2012.07.05 - side of the blade

I’m debating whether or not I have time to redo the blade or not. My brother says no one’s really going to look at this closely, and swords are never perfectly straight anyway. I actually took these photos are a sort of test, and it looks better than I thought, so I might just leave it to my nephew to hide the flaws with his painting. *u*;;; Besides, I should probably use whatever spare time I have left to make a sheath for this.

Ah well, 24 days left until the event. Wish me luck! ♥


  1. :O Rei that looks awesome as is! I agree with the brother :D I doubt anyone will look at it too closely, I didn't even notice in the picture and even now I still cant see a twist.

    Make the sheath, gogogo~ although I do understand about ocd tendencies, it's why when I do a project I usually double (sometimes triple) the time I allow myself if I'm on a crunch :/ lol

  2. :o on a second look at the photo, I *think* I see the twist you're talking about, but again, no one is really going to notice. Use the time to make the sheath :D especailly if you know you're going to obsess over the minutiae.

  3. Ahaha~ oh well~ This is the first sword I ever made, so I might as well just go with it. xD If I wasn't doing anything else I would slave over this from morning 'til night. *_*;;;

  4. why does it look silvery? is it painted?

  5. *squints* I'm not sure? It's still cardboard, not yet painted... xD Probably the graininess of my camera phone. xDDD

  6. Hahaha, ok...
    It looks sturdy though.
    Good Job on your first Blacksmith 101 project! XD

  7. It is~ Sturdy enough for me to whack stuff toys (and nephews) with~ xDDD