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100 Araw ng Komiks: Interview Meme/Q&A by Columbia Kho

Hey, guys! We’re having an “Interview Meme” over at 100 Araw ng Komiks, so I thought I’d just share mine over here. :D Forgive the lengthy post~ but do read on if you’re interested! :3 I’ll translate the Tagalog questions into English for those who can’t understand Tagalog~

About Me: My name is Columbia Kho, an amateur manga artist dreaming of becoming a pro!

Tungkol saan yung unang komiks na ginawa mo?
* What is your first comics about?

Karma is about angels. The first story was an experimental, short-story I drew for a call for submissions on Culture Crash, a local comic/manga magazine. Alas, it was never published, but it was a good learning experience for me~

What is your favorite medium? Tools of the trade?

Watercolor and color pencils! I love drawing in a sort of “pastel” effect, but because of time constraints, I’ve had to color in Photoshop for most of my paid commissions. ^^;

Describe your drawing style in 3 words

Shoujo/Shounen Manga. x.x;;; I tried to change said-style for my thesis, but… I don’t know, drawing in Manga/Anime style always makes me very happy.

What/who is/are your motivation/s for starting your own komiks?

When I went to Sakura Con 2004 in Seattle, Washington, I met Fred Gallagher, the creator of Megatokyo. He took the time to look through my portfolio and stopped to look through all 8 pages of Karma. He asked me if I had a website, which I didn’t at the time, so he smiled and said, “When you decide to make one, let me know ok?”

Later in the same convention, I got to meet the Director of Fruits Basket, Daichi Akitaro! He also looked through my portfolio and said “I wish I could understand the dialogue!” Karma was only in Tagalog at the time, and I hardly spoke Japanese. ;x; But he told me to keep at it, because I had a good eye(?) The translator only winked at me when I asked what that meant. ;x;

So yes, they were the first two people that gave me the courage to write and draw my own manga. Although many people tell me that they probably only said that as a form of courtesy, I’d like to believe that I… have some kind of talent… somehow! >.<;;;

What made you come up with the idea of your title?

Since I have 3 Webcomics now, I’ll state them one by one:

Karma: I’d like to believe that there is a form of divine retribution from above. That’s why the collection of short stories deal with some sort of karma. I’m such a simpleton, no? xD

A.illusions: This one is based on something that happened to my first online community, Anime Illusions. I don’t really know why I didn’t just write the whole “Anime Illusions” for my title, but I guess I didn’t want it to be labeled “just another anime”. ^^;;;

Mote-Mote: Since this is a doujinshi (fan comic) of Onegai My Melody, I wanted a title that held some meaning to the original. Hiiragi Keiichi’s car in the anime had a plate number that said “Mote x2”, which translators noted meant “Ladies’ Man”. It was too perfect for words~ x3

Which do you prefer, writing the story or making the art?

Definitely the art. I don’t have enough confidence with my writing skills. This is why most of my stories are either co-written by another individual, or based on a true story.

What drove you into selling your komiks? Do you make merchandise of your komiks?

I haven’t sold any indies yet! Although I was hired to be the continuing artist of Mango Jam’s “Twilight’s Calling”. They have people who take care of selling stuff and making merchandise so~ xD

I do plan on attending Komikon one day? Maybe I’ll sell a few indie books and buttons. :D

What's your fave food/drink?

Hm… Toughest question so far! I’m not really picky with my food, though I can’t resist omelets. *A*;;; And Japanese food~ I’m easily bribeable with Japanese food~

As for drinks… I’m torn between Cappuccino and Milk Tea. :D I like them both!

What do you listen to when you work on your comics?

Depends on the mood? I like listening to Chico and Delamar’s Top 10 and recently found out I'm a huge fan of Chichi and Gigi! Podcasts only though, because I work at night, and sleep in the morning! :(

Other times (especially when I’m all caught up with C&D’s podcasts), R&B music, Jpop, Kpop, Cpop, and a lot of violin music. :3

Original Character closest to your heart (or personality)?

That’s also hard! I love my characters a lot!

Hm… I guess I’d have to choose Dominic Hunter as the one who’s closest to my heart, but the closest to my personality is Rei Kuassary.

Dominic was one of the first original characters I ever made. I had a vision of a “cool-type” with glasses who is very irritable. xD;;; He’s the type of character I like to poke fun with, and he can’t do anything because I made him! Bwahaha~!

Rei is technically a personification of my online persona, but the two of us are very different in many ways (Just like how most people are when they’re online, right?)

Kung gagawing pelikula ang komiks mo, sinong gusto mong gumanap na artista? (Local ha) :P
* If your comics were to be made into a movie, which actor/actress would you like to cast? (Local only!) :P

Hm… Maybe Kim Chiu would make a perfect Rei Kuassary or Aly? Aly most likely.

I think Rei is more like… Kitchie Nadal. :D Why I chose a singer instead of an actress is anyone’s guess though~ ;p

What do you feel about fan fics when it comes to your comics?

Hahaha..! *nervous nervous laughter*

I have received a few fan fics… One was shounen-ai (boy’s love)! I’m ok with it, and was quite amused reading it, but some of my characters are based on real people! I don’t know who they’d feel about that when they read it! xD

Sinong character mo ang gusto mong may mag-cosplay?
* Which character would you like to see someone cosplay as?

Khyle and Eri-hime! I figured since most cosplayers are female, I might as well choose the bishounen-est one among my male original characters~ xD

But really? To see anyone cosplay any of my original characters would be a dream come true. ;_; I think this is the same for many manga artists…

Anong theme song ng komiks mo? Bigyan mo ng title
* What is your comics’ theme song? Give it a title…

Let me see if I can give some convincing lyrics too!

A.illusions: 2nd Chances

Since when have people forgotten how to talk to one another?
Are we really so different? Or similar; like every other?

(This in ballad or a pop song would be nice… it’s a light-hearted series, with a bit of meat in it after all. xD)

Karma: Mirror

Say the words that hurt me
Crush my heart in your hands.
But forget not what you see in the mirror
“Who really misunderstands?”

(This one should be rock/techno. With that last line being sung in a creepy voice, like a sort of warning. :D)

What is your take on the local comic industry?

It’s… difficult? For one thing, not a lot of people are buying comics in general now-a-days, and it’s not just the local industry. And for another thing, wow, so many talented artists are getting into this now that it’s very tough to break into it! >.<;;;

If you'd be given a chance to work with at one of the big comics companies (eg. Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, Jump),which one? And, if ever, who among your (just one) OC would like to be seen with the big guys company?

Jump. Definitely Jump. And probably Rei Kuassary in her Karma debut. :D That would be supper cool!

Message to the readers?

I’m sorry A.illusions is taking such a long hiatus. ;u; It’s mostly trouble with the script, but I think I’ve figured it out now! I hope Karma and Mote-Mote have kept you entertained though!

Message sa mga nagdadalawang isip bumili ng komiks?
* Message for people who are thinking twice about buying comics?

If you guys like the story/artwork, please support the artists! They are probably some of the most hard-working people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and yet most of them don’t really get any money in return thanks to the internet! So please support us! No more piracy, please! ;u;

Plugging time! (Promote your comic title/s and whatnots)

Feel free to read any of these online! They’re all free!

As for Twilight’s Calling though, I’m not sure if they’re still available in stores, but please ask about us in your nearest bookstore!

Batian Portion (greeting space)

Hi, Sir Memer, Sir Ilog, and Sir James too! Thanks for taking the time to teach me a lot of tips during my thesis! I’m sure you guys probably got bothered a lot back in those days, and I’m so sorry about that! Thanks for continuing Cat’s Trail and Pasig!

Renka-chan! Hope you will keep up with Soul Dice! It’s looking really good so far! Hope we can sell our indies together one day!

Lei, Aly, Tori, and Khyle… thanks for all the support! I really don’t have good time keeping skills, but thanks for cheering me on all these years! ;u;

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