Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mist: Interlude

I could tell you why I drew this and what exactly is happening in this scene…

But, some things are better when left in the eyes of the beholder.

What do you think is going on? *^_^*


  1. Uhm, they're having a friendly conversation? ^^

  2. Close enough! But what are they talking about? :3

  3. I am not allowed to guess am I?

  4. Technically, you are. :D Since the story behind this picture has nothing to do with Mist... yet. :p

  5. probably a deal of some sort...
    I'd say it's a compromise...

    I mean, there's a condition, and whoever's being offered is willing to take a bite at it...

  6. for me, its like one of them is dreaming

    falme and butterfly

  7. oops wrong typing . i mean your illustration let me think me " flame and butterfly"

    can i use it as my desktop background, this is really sooo nice.

  8. Note: Comments by 100 ARAW ng KOMIKS and zesty11 were added by me. :D They were posted in Facebook and plurk respectively and added here for reference. :3~

    In which case, this is making me wonder if I should make a bigger version of this for a wallpaper. :D