Thursday, July 14, 2011

100 ARAW ng KOMIKS: Karma says “NO” to smoking(?)

Did you know/notice?

karma introduction sketch

The very first sketch I made of Karma’s characters had Dominic smoking a cigarette. I’m not exactly sure why I did that, but it could be because my dad smokes?

However, This aspect was later removed because I felt guilty about telling the kids that angels smoke. x.x;;;

There is further evidence of Dominic’s “habbit” in the last page of Chapter 1 (page 9 in the manga section), where Dominic is apologizes to Reign about being late and later complains about having to take his client home! He wasn’t adjusting his glasses in that panel, he’s actually holding an invisible cigarette to his lips! xD;;;

On another note, I need to stop writing these at 3 in the morning. *u*;;;

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