Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baguio: Little John’s Art Gallery

little john in baguio

During my weekend trip to Baguio City, we’ve come across a restaurant in Camp John Hay appropriately named “Little John”. They had a wall full of different art pieces ranging from every style you can think of. Upon closer inspection, each piece was actually drawn by one of their customers; an idea I wish I had thought of!

I decided to draw something too, although it makes me wonder if this will ever be up on their walls. ^^; They change the drawings every month from what I can tell because most of the messages on the wall talked about Christmas at Little John’s.

Maybe if you guys go to Baguio in the next month or two, you can try to find this and snap a photo for me? :3

columbia kho's drawing for little john - zoomed in

columbia kho's drawing for little john

Well, yes, I added my website onto my piece. xD;;; Shameless plugging is a go!

Here are a few of the artworks I liked:

little john's art gallery 1

Probably my most favorite piece among all others. The pen work is simply gorgeous! I love the concept too!

little john's art gallery 2

little john's art gallery 3


  1. Neat idea for a restaurant! Now I want to go to the PH T_T

  2. Mm~ I think other places like Macaroni Grill and Burgoo have paper table cloths and crayons, but it's the first time I've seen a restaurant actually display some of the artworks they receive. :D