Thursday, September 22, 2005

A.illusions Fanart: "Silent Snow" by Lens-Seph

ohhhhkaaay....after around 52321153350 yrs (okay, 2 months) of procrastinating, I finally managed to get this one done ( i think).

Now, I know the million plus mistakes I've made here, so you don't really have to point them out ^^; Whee~

...and lol, a cookie for anyone who gets the title's relation to the piece ^^; And yes, I know what's missing. XD Just pretend that she's...uhhh....fond of the quiet? ^^;;;

Ugh. Well, anyway, she's supposed to be Lei-san from one of the fourms I go to...I do hope Rei-nee won't squish me when she sees this XD *hides*

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