Friday, February 24, 2017

Gift: Karma Coloring Book by Darky

I've been a bad author. 、ヽ`(~д~*)、ヽ`

2 years ago, I received the most amazing gift! Honey, my number 1 fan, created a coloring book featuring the characters of KARMA. However, because of my incredibly hectic schedule, there was no time for me to download all of the beautiful photos she uploaded in Facebook. (;*△*;)

And I'm a control freak, so I had to date each and every photo so I can put them in the gallery in proper order. (´∇ノ`*)ノ So! I'll be posting photos every Friday from now on to make it up to Honey~ (*´・v・)

Let's start off with Lily! She's so pretty here, and a little sad. Maybe she's thinking about Jeremy, or her family... But she'll be ok. She'll be with them again very soon~ (´ω`★)

And it looks like I'm somewhat done with updating! (*´・v・) How do you guys like it? It's not a major overhaul, but I've been wanting to change the color theme to purple for a while now. If you guys find something that's not really working, please do let me know? I'll be sure to try and fix it!

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