Friday, July 5, 2013

Oh No! Manga Cosplay Camp 2: The Coin & Flour Saga

oh no manga cosplay camp 2 the coin and flour saga

Just wanted to post the official announcement! There will be a lot of prizes for the drawing and coloring competition, including copic markers and some last minute prizes from our friends in artline!

I will be a lurking photographer there, and for the indie island, I will be bring limited copies of these:

oha-oha! studio 4 eyes 1 and 2!

Since we didn’t have time to print additional copies of Studio 4 Eyes, we’ll be bringing whatever copies we have left from the previous conventions, haha! WE’re not sure how many there are left, but it’s probably about 20? As for Oha-Oha, I think I have about a handful left.

First come first serve at the first island, tables 5-8! See you at the convention!

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