Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Private I Café: Ian Necor

Lechon is a pork dish that features a whole pig cooked over charcoal. The skin is roasted to crispy perfection while the meat is left juicy and tender. In many places, including the Philippines, the original use of suckling pig has given way to medium-sized adult pig. Lechon is usually served during special events and holidays, especially on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

I can’t draw lechon that well, but Ian, please don’t drop that lechon. I might cry if you did. :( Even if it’s only a suckling pig, I love lechon too much to really care about its size. xD

Original character by Ray Magbanua, creator of Private I Café; for the Indie Komiks Manila Secret Santa Event. I’m sorry if the lower part of his uniform isn’t accurate! >.<;;; And I hope you don’t mind that I gave him brown shoes. Merry Christmas~ ♥

PS. If you can't view images from Picasa, this is also posted on my dA. :3

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