Friday, May 6, 2011

Character Designs (for a New Series?)

Would you believe me if I told you I’m trying out for a job as a webcomic artist when I have my own series to finish? Three, actually?

Well, this will be a paying job, and I’m pretty sure we could all use the extra income, yes? xD

I got the "go ahead" to post the initial designs here and on Deviant Art. So far, Simon looks very asian for his name. He actually reminds me of Kenshin when I drew his profile, but I’m pretty sure his ponytail is shorter than the well-known character.

Ah, creativity, where have you gone?

Relena is a lot of fun to draw, especially with all that wavy hair! I thought it would be more trouble that it’s worth, but it’s actually a lot easier than straight hair! I should keep this in mind the next time I design characters.

Oh, and Notify List has been giving me a lot of trouble as of late. If you would like to follow this blog by email, there is a new option found on the right. ^^; Sorry for all the trouble!

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