Friday, October 26, 2018

Gift: Angel Yukee by Honey Den

Now that I have my thumb drive back, I can continue posting these pieces by Honey Den too~ (´∀`)

Before I got to know Jack Frost and Queen Elsa, I was fascinated by the fairy tales regarding snow queens. Not necessarily the one from Narnia, but snow beings in general... Maybe it has something to do with my desire to see falling snow, but I digress~

I wanted to make an ice angel... Shuei is a water angel, sure, but I wanted an angel that had ice as their specific element.

Yukee-hime came to mind almost immediately. ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ She carries a death scythe in A.illusions which makes her look like a very powerful and dangerous character. I wanted to give her a similar vibe if and when she crosses over to KARMA.

Honey was very interested in Yukee-hime from the start. So I told her about Yukee being a possible ice angel. She hopped right on to the opportunity and I got this as a result.

Thank you again, Honey~ (*≧∀≦) I'll treasure your coloring book forever~

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