Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Summer Komikon 2014 Aftermath

Another Komikon has come and gone and I’m happy to report that Studio 4 Eyes has successfully released its third issue at the Summer Komikon 2014 Indie Tiangge! Book 3 is officially sold out, and we didn’t even get to keep our own personal copies! Good job everyone! But please, let’s not do this cramming thing again, ok? It’s like we’re getting worse with each passing issue! Oh the horror of more sleepless nights!!!

I’m a little sad that the Indie Tiangge scene is getting smaller with each passing event. I suppose getting separated from the main event hall played a big part in this, since foot traffic was also pretty small in comparison. But hey, we’re getting free tables at a major event, so how can we really complain? We’ll just have to work harder in earning enough funds for the next even so that we can grab ourselves a table – right, guys?

Master Jayron printed out some test posters for Studio 4 Eyes, and wow, were they ever pretty! I had to keep one for myself, including the laminated version because… well, I’ve never had a poster of my work before! We’re probably going to make more of these for future events, but I wonder if we should make exclusive designs depending on the season? Hm…

I wasn’t planning on doing any sketch commissions this time around since I was really tired, but Tsunoh came by and asked if I could draw for her, so I made an exception. It somehow turned out really well, and I almost wanted to keep this for myself, haha! Just look at that glare!

This is officially my first fanart of Levi-heichou. I must draw him again!

Overall it was a successful release for us, probably one of the best so far! I’m so happy that a few people came to us saying that they were waiting for the third issue to come out! I got to meet old and new fans, as well as a new cosplayer who is willing to cosplay Jeremy from Crystal Shadows! That makes me super excited because I’m a huge cosplay fan myself!

Thank you, everyone, for your continuous support! And thank you also to REACH Unlimited for giving us a ton of freebies to give away! It really helped boost our sales!

And for those who purchased Book 3, congratulations! You now know what happens next in Crystal Shadows. I won’t be posting that material until next month, so until then, my online fans, you will just have to be a little patient! (Or hope that someone posts pictures of the pages online? Yes? No?)

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