Sunday, May 5, 2013

NBS Free Comic Book Day Aftermath

One more convention has come and gone, but I’m sad to say, this was not one of the better ones out there. Not only was the venue hot, but our Studio 4 Eyes’ sales were much lower that I expected. It’s too bad, since we premiered our Oha-Oha! Anthology and were giving it out for free.

Nevertheless, there was an epic moment when two customers decided to buy every single book we had on display! And another tear-jerking moment for me when someone was looking for copies of the 2nd part of Karma from Oh No! Manga. Too bad we no longer had copies on hand, but hopefully, he’ll like Studio 4 Eyes!

Darky passed by and asked for a sketch commission. I had no idea that she left a message on my Facebook Page because I woke up late that day! (That’s what sleeping for only a few hours a day will do to you!) But I’m glad I manages to sketch something for her that day. It’s hard to concentrate when you’re constantly dehydrated…

Suoh was so nice and patient during the whole event. I felt terrible about asking him to come with me, but in the end, I guess it turned out alright. There was enough time for me to draw his character, Leviah, from I HAN IT for Love. It turned out really well too! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to part with her… *s-sob~*

But for the life of me, I still don’t know how to draw a toasted slice of bread. Heh~

That would be an “L” from the infamous first female President of the Philippines, Lady Cory Aquino. But for me, the “L” stand for laban in Tagalog literally meaning “fight” because we will continue to fight for the Philippine Comic Industry, even if it is an uphill battle.

In the end, I think we all had a bit of fun. It was a lesson learned, a few tear-jerker moments here and there, but there was a lot of laughter. Thanks again to PJ+MA for letting us display our stuff! Until the next convention!