Monday, August 29, 2011

Karma: Chapter 2 is Now on Smack Jeeves!

I know, I know, there’s nothing new with this comic, but apparently, Renka-chan is having a hard time viewing the comic from the Great Firewall of China! *A*;;;

The thing was, “Karma” is fairly common for a title of a webcomic! There were a few already on Smack Jeeves, and so, with the dilemma of the Great Firewall, I decided to use the Chinese translation of Karma: 因果報應 / Yinguo Baoying or “Yin Guo” for short!

So yes, I am the one who is cross-posting Karma on SJ! If you’re also having trouble with the comment system here on my site, feel free to share your thoughts on SJ! Pages will probably be added once or twice a day~

Now to get ack to finishing some pages for Mist so I can work on Mote-Mote and Palisay at Sumbling! *A*;;;

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