Monday, March 31, 2008

Life is Sleep to a Doctor

life is sleep to a doctor by kurohikoA contest by xenopyro

True Story: (* ^ ω ^)

I've been trying so hard in drawing something for the contest that I had to call my doctor friend to give me inspiration. I asked him "what is 'life' to you?" He thought about it for 5 seconds and said "sleep... because I miss it so much."

According to him, you barely sleep when you study medicine. You get even less sleep when you're already a doctor. He usually sleeps in the lounge sofa, but only for a few hours because the light from the window always wakes him up. Usually, he falls asleep while still wearing his glasses and stethoscope!

...would you believe me if I tell you my friend's last name is also "Lee"?

Drawn in photoshop. (@^◡^) BG has reference.

Chinese translation:
"it's sleeping lah!"
"because i miss it so much... ( ´ ω ` )"

I know my Chinese suxxors, please don't critique me about it. (//▽//)

EDIT: ...oh mai gah, I won! o_o;;; 2nd's not as good as 1st, but heck... I won 2nd Place, WOOT! ヽ(*⌒▽⌒*)ノ

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