Monday, August 21, 2006

A.illusions Gallery: Tori and Danaan

Quite an old piece... I've been ignoring my Deviant Art account for so long I figured I had to but something up before everyone began to speculate I was dead. (´▽`*)

You could call this a commission, I guess. The real Tori Avalon needed an art piece for his website project in school. Since he was the center of the website, he figured he might as well star as his anime character. (*≧ω≦) I glady drew this for him. He was lucky that I wasn't as busy as I am now at the time of his request. (´ ∀ ` *)

The little pattern on the left side is created by feanne. Go visit her please~

Hope you guiys like it. Please do visit my manga. ( ´ ω ` )

- kurohiko (dA 2006)

When Tori was working on his school project, he asked for my help regarding some illustrations. I think he needed to make his own website at the time, but he never did get to show the end result to me. ^^;;;

I still hope you were able to get a good grade, Towee~ *o*

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