Saturday, February 4, 2006

Rurouni Culture Crash

This was my first ever printed work... ^^ If you're a fan of Culture Crash Comics, a Philippine Anime-Inspired Comic Magazine, then head over to issue 12. You should see this same art piece in the fanart section... ^^

I love Culture Crash Comics. I idolize Elmer Damaso, and was honored to meet him personally. They helped me out when I was doing my thesis, and so I made this for them.

This piece features the staff of Culture Crash. All their names along with surnames of the characters they are cosplaying are written below. Done in brush ink (my first, and my last... manual brush ink is very, very tricky and my hands are somewhat heavy). ^^

This was probably the start of cosplayer type art pieces for me. I love drawing cosplaying characters... :3

Hope you like it. ^^

- kurohiko (dA 2006)

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