Monday, April 15, 2024

AR Live Sheep Collab

Congratulations on AR Live! Vivi created a little collaboration with Comfydants and I was able to participate~

Thank you, Fuu-san, for always working hard!

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Gift from 桓 [#FulgurGotCake]

I forgot that I had given 桓(Huan) my comfysona, and I certainly didn't expect this!

Huan did so well and my comfysona looks so pretty!! I'm glad I was able to sign up for this project. Please make sure to send a like to Huan on their Twitter. (^^*)

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Gift from Sneku [#FulgurGotCake]

My little sheep managed to be part of this project by Sneku! See the little gray and purple one with the swirly glasses by Archivist's right shoulder? Isn't she adorable?

Sneku did such a good job with this, and in a short amount of time too! Please visit Sneku's Twitter and send them a like! Thank you!

Gift: Birthday Fuu with Sheep Comfydants

This was a surprise! I participated in Defkuzu's Project, but I didn't know they were creating a huge artwork of Birthday Fuu with all the Comfydants! Can you spot my purple sheep? She still has her little paintbrush with her!

Thank you Arina, Yukako, and Zehrine for all your hard work!