Original Illustrations ▶▶

This contains artworks from the artist's original series including A.illusions, CELESTIA, FO.X., I Love You P're, KARMA, Mist, Twilight's Calling, WISH*GRANTED, and many more!

CrossOver Selection ▶▶

Herein lies a multitude of worlds merged into one! You can find original characters in the world of an existing series, as well as popular characters crossing over to a brand new world! Collaboration with other artists can also be found here!

Fan Art Collection ▶▶

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, and everyone had to start somewhere. Find out where it all began, as this collection features fan arts from anime, games, and just about everything the artist has found inspiration from. Commissions from local and international clientele can also be found here!

Crafting Workshop ▶▶

There are times when illustrating something in a 2D platform is just not enough. Other creative projects such as crochet, sewing, and sculptures can be found here.

Cosplay Photo Album ▶▶

Cosplay is a hobby that makes great use of one's make up, sewing, and acting skills. In this section, you will find not only cosplays done by fans, but cosplays done by the manga artist herself.

Gift Atelier ▶▶

These illustrations are drawn by others, inspired from my original works! If you would like to contribute to this part of the gallery, feel free to contact me at!